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Serving Southern New England since 1961

Commercial Refrigeration Installation, Maintenance and Parts

Company Profile

The R. A. Levine Company, founded in 1969 by Robert A. Levine, is the leader in the commercial refrigeration industry in southern New England.

If design, engineering, sales, installation, or service are required, we have a program specifically designed to meet your needs.

The company's primary objective is to install, maintain, and service your system in a way that eliminates any division of responsibility.  We have the ability to provide sophisticated analysis whether its planning, designing, fabricating, and installing a new refrigeration system or its altering and renovating your existing system.

R. A. Levine Company can bring an existing system completely up-to-date by designing a cost effective retrofit program.

Every aspect of our programs have been carefully developed to save you money, time and headaches.  And you will find we can respond effectively and rapidly to your requirements.

You need an affordable price from a company that can support and enhance your reputation.  What is the right price you would pay for this?  It's the price you will pay for the correct installation of the desired equipment, which is:


All this is left in experienced and reliable hands for the remainder of the warranty period.

The R. A. Levine Company can provide for your refrigeration requirements with design experience, extensive refrigeration skills and total job coordination.  We produce a product to be proud of.  We will support you around the clock with 24-hour service and our excellent reputation.  We pride ourselves as professionals.

On your next project, call us - test us.  We will provide the best job at the right price.

Commercial Refrigeration Installation, Maintenance and Parts

Commercial Refrigeration, Installation, Maintenance and Parts

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